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G54 2015/16: Bulldogs vs Petes

G54 2015/16: Bulldogs vs Petes

Two of the prevalent story lines to the Hamilton Bulldog’s inaugural OHL season are injury woes, and getting hammered by their divisional opponents. Hamilton’s record this season against the Peterborough Petes is 1-2-1-0. Peterborough has been able to sink Hamilton this season, potting 19 goals to the Bulldogs’ 11, a -8 goal differential. If Hamilton is going to continue pushing the Oshawa Generals for the 8th and final playoff spot, they need to find a way to overcome their defensive breakdowns when facing their East Division rivals.

  • Bulls in October 2014: 8-3-0
  • Bulldogs in October 2015: 5-6-0
  • Bulls in November 2014: 3-9-2
  • Bulldogs in November 2015: 3-9-0
  • Bulls in December 2014: 4-3-1
  • Bulldogs in December 2014: 5-3-1
  • Bulls in January 2015: 3-7-3
  • Bulldogs in January 2016: 4-6-1
  • Bulls in February 2015: 1-2-1
  • Bulldogs in February 2016: 1-2-2
  • Bulls after 53 in 2014-15: 21-25-7, 49 points (-38 goal differential)
  • Bulldogs after 53 in 2015-16: 19-28-6, 44 points (-48 goal differential)

The gods must be crazy

The 1980s were a great time for ice hockey, less so for Hollywood. One exception is the 1980 film The Gods Must Be Crazy. If you haven’t seen it, it is a must. It follows the hilarious adventure of Xi, a San tribesman who’s cursed with a gift from the gods, a glass Coca-Cola Classic bottle that falls from the sky. People who follow hockey will often reference the Hockey Gods, citing them on fortunate bounces or endless lottery picks. Most often the Hockey Gods are associated with injuries, especially when they come in the vast amount that has been heaped on the Bulldogs roster this season.

Tonight’s roster will feature feature players missing in action thanks to a variety of potentially season ending injuries. Brandon Saigeon (Fractures), Cole Candella (Fracture), Jesse Saban (Shoulder), Adam Laishram (Concussion), and Justin Lemcke (Fracture), every one of them difference makers to this team. How is the team going to find a way to keep the puck out of the net when three of their top four defenders will be watching the game from the stands, I don’t know. It’s going to require a Herculean effort from whoever is in the pipes, most likely Connor Hicks tonight.

Hamilton Bulldogs goalie Connor Hicks is settling into a starter role as the 2015/16 season hits the playoff stretch. (Photo: Brandon Taylor / Hamilton Bulldogs)

Hamilton Bulldogs goalie Connor Hicks is settling into a starter role as the 2015/16 season hits the playoff stretch. (Photo: Brandon Taylor / Hamilton Bulldogs)

Battle between the pipes

Speaking of Hicks, he’s been on fire! His .928% in the last four games is a sexy stat, and indicative that he’s finding his way as a go to number one keeper in the OHL. He’s been peppered with 166 shots against in those four games, averaging almost 42 shots against a game. To say he’s been standing on his head over the last half of the month is an understatement. The coaching staff have supplied him with a huge challenge to set himself up as the go to starter for next season, as Kaden Fulcher has significant number 1 potential. If Hicks can remain this consistent and drag this injury riddled team into the playoffs, we’re going to have a very confident locker room going into next season. 15 more games, and hopefully some playoff action until we have a better idea what to expect.

Life Is a Stereo

I’ll scream as loud and clear as I can scream
If you like what you’re hearing, please hang on to me – The Watchmen

The Hamilton Bulldogs organization has been incredibly accommodating to this blog this season. I’ve been very fortunate in being granted media access to the coaching staff and the players. I figure it’s only fair that I try and supply the fanbase with as much quality content as possible, so I’ve set up a SoundCloud account and will work on getting audio clips from interviews from throughout the season up on the site. During AM 900’s broadcast of Thursday’s away game against the Barrie Colts, I took part in a panel discussion with the team’s Play By Play announcer Matt Holmes (@dogsradio) and team reporter Luke Vermeer (@TheLVermeer). Odds are if you follow the team, you know both guys, but on the rare chance you don’t, you should give them a follow on Twitter. We broke down some of the injuries and discussed’s Hicks’ play, feel free to give it a listen.

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