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G68 2015/16: Bulldogs vs Frontenacs

G68 2015/16: Bulldogs vs Frontenacs

The Hamilton Bulldogs have little much left to play for tonight aside from pride. They face the team who would have been their first round matchup in the Kingston Frontenacs, and can at least finish this season with a bang. The Bulldogs have fared well against Kingston this year, as they are the only team in the league to come away from their matches with at least a point. They need to stand tall and show that had they been show that they are a formidable opponent. This is their chance to prove to onlookers that next season, they are going to push to be contenders for home ice advantage in the middle of March 2017.

  • Bulls in October 2014: 8-3-0
  • Bulldogs in October 2015: 5-6-0
  • Bulls in November 2014: 3-9-2
  • Bulldogs in November 2015: 3-9-0
  • Bulls in December 2014: 4-3-1
  • Bulldogs in December 2014: 5-3-1
  • Bulls in January 2015: 3-7-3
  • Bulldogs in January 2016: 4-6-1
  • Bulls in February 2015: 5-6-1
  • Bulldogs in February 2016: 4-5-5
  • Bulls in March 2015: 1-2-1
  • Bulldogs in March 2016: 3-3-0
  • Bulls after 67 in 2014-15: 27-32-8, 62 points (-41 goal differential)
  • Bulldogs after 67 in 2015-16: 25-34-8, 58 points (-60 goal differential)

This could likely be the final regular season game for Kingston’s top line. The rivalry between Kingston and this organization may have it’s final goodbye tonight if league wide realignment drawn up. It’s been an age old rivalry between these organizations, but we should expect more match ups against the Niagara IceDogs, Guelph Storm and Mississauga Steelheads in the future.

Matthew Strome wraps up his rookie season tonight, tied for 9th in rookie points and 2nd among '99 birth dates. (Photo: Brandon Taylor / Hamilton Bulldogs)

Matthew Strome wraps up his rookie season tonight, tied for 9th in rookie points and 2nd among ’99 birth dates. (Photo: Brandon Taylor / Hamilton Bulldogs)

A star in the making
It will be interesting to see how much ice time Matt Strome is fed tonight. He is 2 points away from tying Dylan’s rookie season point total. It would be a nice little marketing piece for the Bulldogs if he can catch up to or even surpass his all star sibling. It will be even more interesting to see where Strome’s point totals land next season. Ryan finished with 70 points in his draft season, Dylan with 129 points. I imagine Matt is capable of finishing around 80 points next season based on the chemistry the first line has developed, provided the all they stay healthy.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be tossing up some posts dissecting the season, what there is to celebrate and what can be improved.

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